About Sarina

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Just an ordinary girl…doesn’t have too much of the big dreams…but hopes to enter universities outside this country. not to get better education but just wanted to experience how’s the life out there…how’s the weather? how’s the people? how’s the environment?

but i guess i have to hold on that dream for a while…i am currently pursuing a certification that will qualify me to be an educator…to enter the education world and start my own challenging journey in dis tough world…where canes and punishments are no longer valid…where minds and hearts are the only weapons in hand…

pray for me readers….pray for me…and wish me the best of luck. hopefully i cud be a good teacher…not to U but perhaps to ur kids…


2 Replies to “About Sarina”

    1. Wsalam.
      Maaf kerana terlewat melihat komen saudara.
      Harap sesi temuduga saudara berjalan lancar 🙂
      Boleh juga berkongsi pengalaman saudara di sini.

      Terima kasih.

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